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Hometown: Sin City
Height: 6ft - 2in
Weight: 244 pounds
Age: 26
Entrance Music: broken frame by eyes set to kill
Crowd Reaction: CHEER
Days Active: 2206


Syrus VanHeel is a man born of conflict. He got this conflicts from his mother. His mother was one of the most sought after showgirls is all of "Sin City". Vegas, baby! Which she used that power to gain what she wanted. Where as his father worked as head of security in one of the biggest casinos on the strip. Even laboring for the "greater good" could not supress the primal urges of even the most saintly of men. Syrus's father succumbed to his primal urges and began a relationship that would eventually result in the birth of a son. A child born out of sin to a father known for his righteous deeds and a mother with a sinner's reputation.

Syrus VanHeel spent many years attempting to sort out his life. Was he a good man? Was he evil? Or was his whole life just one huge LIE?? The frustration grew as time passed, and no one he talked to could solve his innermost mysteries. Soon, all he knew for certain was that causing pain and suffering brought him the most joy. Be it physical or mental Those who knew his father often questioned why Syrus was so different. Some even wondered if Syrus was his at all. Seeing as Syrus had no sense of authority. In fact, he despised rules of any kind and broke laws as easily as he did the bones of those who angered him. Authority....rules....lawfulness.....all things his hypocrite of a father had tried to pound into his brain as a child. Syrus hated everything about his father and he only found a connection with his mother in the fact that she lived and thrived in the limelight. It was something he aspired to as well.
His greatest rush came from abusing all who crossed him. He got off on pain. He would pick fights just for the thrill of it all. Syrus became arrogant beyond words, and this bravado only fueled his desire for greatness, he thought he was already. He thought himself to be invincible.
However, as much as all the fighting and mistreatment gave him such sick pleasure, there was something missing. Syrus wanted more. He wanted a lifestyle of violence AND fame. He wished to bask in the spotlight while doing what he loved, and that was being the center of attention. He thought long and hard about what to do to make all his dreams come true. What could make his fractured life complete again? One all became crystal clear!
Syrus VanHeel would become a pro wrestler. He had seen them before, both on TV and in live shows put on right in downtown Vegas. The crowds chanting his name as he beat the life out of his pathetic victims. He practically salivated at the very thought. His ego brimmed over once he had tried out and had convincingly impressed the promoters. His career began not long after and soon....his dream was being realized! Match after match, night after night....his arrogance grew as did the numbers in his Win-Loss record...and in his bank account! He was invincible! He thought he could fly all the way to the sun itself!
Who, or what can stop Syrus VanHeel? Perhaps the only one who can bring this man back down to Earth is.....himself.

Matches: 27
Record: 2-25-0
Win Pct: 0%
Streak: -1
Level: 3