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Hometown: The Other Side of Darkness
Height: 5ft - 10in
Weight: 279 pounds
Age: 42
Entrance Music: "Here Comes The Pain" (Darkside Remix) by Slayer
Crowd Reaction: CHEER
Days Active: 2256


Minion (real name: Damien Hansen) has been a member of Darkside since 2008. He serves his masters Nightmare and Death with blind loyalty and enthusiasm. He will do anything to carry out his masters' orders, even risking his own well-being in the pursuit of his objectives!

Before Darkside, Minion worked as a handyman for a travelling carnival in the Midwest. He was discovered one night when Nightmare and Death (in their street clothes so as not to stand out) happened to come to the carnival during some hard-earned downtime. Something, almost as if a voice in their heads was speaking to them, drew their attention to the man who was operating the Tilt-A-Whirl at the time. He looked like just another scummy low-life carny....but the darkness insisted they keep him in view. So, for the better part of the night, the time for recreation had ended and now, the hunt for a new prospect had begun. Nightmare and Death stood out of view so as not to make their presence known and scouted this "Damien Hansen" for the next couple of hours. They noticed things that the casual passer-by would not....the way he leered at attractive women, sometimes as their children were right there with them....him pocketing several dollar bills instead of placing them in the cash box, among other indiscretions. Perhaps this vermin was of some use to them after all!

Nightmare summoned Angel, who was elsewhere at the carnival. She had just left the House of Horrors attraction when she saw Nightmare walking in her direction. Nightmare whispered their plan in her ear and she ran off to meet with Death back at the sideshow venue where this man was now taking money at the ticket booth.

From a few yards away, Angel stood out in the open so Hansen could easily spot her. She flirted with him to keep his attention and eventually made her way closer and closer until she was right next to him and they spent the next hour in deep, meaningless conversation. It was all to serve as a distraction so the rest of the plan could be set in motion.....

As the next hour or two passed, the time came for the carnival to be shut down for the night. Angel's distraction had worked and now, Nightmare and Death were in position to make their move. It was Hansen's job to do a security sweep of the fun house to make sure nobody was stowing away inside as the promoter had once been told homeless people sometimes sneak into carnivals and shack up for the night inside the bigger attractions. Taking no chances, the boss told Hansen to humor him and take a look. He told Angel to wait for him in the parking lot while he closed the remaining rides and such. Angel winked back at him and smiled, just to keep him interested. Hansen walked aroud the outside of the fun house ride and found nothing. He then went into the structure, flashlight in hand and gave the entire area a good look over. He saw nothing, not a single soul anywhere. Next, he was to finish for the night by locking up the House of Horrors attraction. Just like before, he patrolled the outer areas and then ducked inside for another inspection. He just saw the usual rubber vampires and mummies and ghouls of all shapes and sizes, including two big scary-looking maniacs wearing creepy masks. As he neared the exit, he heard a noise behind him and saw the two masked men charging toward him. As they swooped in on him, Hansen shouted and started calling for help. He ducked under them as the two men tried to grab him, but as he turned around, Hansen was met by two strong hands clutching and lifting him up by the throat just before hurling him down hard against the metal floor. He landed with a loud thud and was nearly knocked out. His blurry eyesight just barely caught a glimpse of the girl he had been talking to only moments before, as she knelt down, pinning his arms to his sides with her knees and pulled out a syringe. She blows him a kiss just before stabbing the needle deep into his thigh. Hansen passes out within seconds.....

When he regains consciousness, Hansen finds himself in a dark, damp room, possibly underground. He can hear rats squeaking and scuffling about. His arms are bound over his head and he is strung up against the wall, hung from shackles that hang down from the ceiling. No matter how he struggles, he cannot free himself. His movements are hindered due to what feels like a few broken ribs, but he is unsure how he could have been injured. He has no memory of the previous night or his abduction from the carnival by those two men and that girl. Days pass and no one comes to his aid. He cannot sleep because if he allows his feet to hang down, the rats come and gnaw at his toes and heels. His only break from the deadly silence of his cell is the periodic outburts heard from a single loud speaker mounted somewhere on the far wall. His mind falls deeper into madness with each passing day and the urgings and the suggestions that assault his brain from that disembodied voice on the speaker drive him that much further.

Your life, as you know it, is OVER! You belong to US now! the voice would say....

YOU hold the key. Only you can choose to embrace the darkness. Only then will you see the light again! The light that leads you into darkness!

The voices at first angered and annoyed him, but as heard them over and over, day after day, they became his mantras for survival. His decaying mind was being twisted and molded as his soul became rotten and corrupted. Hope for escape had long left him by then. THIS was his life, and this was most likely where he would die. He had lost all concept of time.

Then, one day while he was resting against the wall, the clank and creak of his cell door startled him out of his sleep. The dancing flame of a lit candle was all he could see coming toward him. Hansen was too weak to lift his head, but he heard a young female's voice barking orders to another person on the room. Suddenly, the chains on his wrists loosened and he slumped hard to the cold, damp stone floor. He could hear the woman's voice sounding almost soothing and saying endearing things to and about him in the darkness. This seemed almost more bizarre than the rambling diatribes coming from that loud speaker. The damage had already been done. Hansen was completely brainwashed, giving himself over to the vile tendencies that had taken control of his mind. He can hear the woman again and soon, he is hauled up by two men who prop him up on thier shoulders and walk with him out of his dark prison.....only to be tossed violently into another somewhat larger cell. A hooded figure rushes in and grabs his arm, pullling him over to the wall. Hansen is bound with leather straps, hanging to face the wall...his back turned to the two men and the woman coming in to join him.

He can hear the men whispering back and forth, and the woman giggling softly in between. He calls out to them, asking about their intentions, but instead of an answer...the flesh on his back is split with the sharp crack of a whip! Hansen howls out in agony as his back is lashed over and over. His mind shuts down as the cracking whip is accompanied by the stern admonishment of the two mens' deep gravely voices and the young woman's insane laughter. The three of them repeatedly chant "Just Accept The Pain!" as the whip bites into Hansen's flesh again and again. He passes out and goes limp...only to be shaken back to life as he is kicked from behind into the wall by a heavy boot. The punishment continues for what feels like hours. The three others then simply leave the room and the hooded figure again frees Hansen's hands from the leather straps. Hansen collapses to the floor, only hanging onto life by a thread.

The harsh torture and weeks spent in the darkness have driven Hansen to develop multiple personalities as a coping mechanism to deal with the horror of his situation. He sits against the cold stone wall of the cell, rocking back and forth, talking to himself. He has begun referring to himself in the plural sense due to the many other personalities that now reside in his decaying psyche. He is left alone for several days.....left only with himself and his thoughts.

His ears perk up as the sound of boot heels tapping on the dungeon floor can be heard in the distance. A young girl who looks a lot like the one from the carnival comes into view. He gazes at her out of the corner of his eye and grins at her, bearing his blood-stained teeth. The girl is shockingly different in her actions toward him...almost treating him with love, greeting him with a cheery voice. She places a platter of food down in front of the cell door and slides it underneath. Hansen scuttles over like a human rat and ravenously shoves the food into his mouth. The girl looks down at him and giggles at the sight. Hansen looks up and snarls at her for laughing at him, but then goes back and finishes the food in a matter of seconds. He seems to calm down a bit with his belly full for the first time in weeks. Angel pops the cell door open and cautiously steps into the cage. Hansen is stuffed with rich food and is very sluggish now. He doesn't even resist when Angel approaches him. He waits until she comes within reach and then, lashes out, grabbing Angel's shin and trying to pull her down. Angel scowls at him, bends down and smacks him across his nose with a quick slap. She shakes her finger at him and he cowers away. Angel stands back up and laughs as she places her hands on her hips. She reaches down the front of her top and takes out her cell phone. She hits a few keys and exclaims Hey guys.....he's "ready"!

Nightmare and Death arrive minutes later and stand at the door to the cell. Angel runs over to them and give them both a big hug. She then stands to one side as Nightmare enters the cell and walks over to the man cringing in the corner.


The man quivers and flinches at the booming growl of the monster's voice......


The man still cannot muster the strength or the will to meet Nightmare's demands. Nightmare stomps him repeatedly in the corner, spits on him and then turns to walk away....

No.....he is NOT ready! LEAVE HIM!

As Nightmare reaches the cell door, he can see Angel starting to hop up and down and grin as she holds her fists against her chest...seemingly very excited about something. Nightmare glares at her and then, he hears something scuffling against the floor and the wall of the back of the cell. Nightmare turns around to see....the man now in the center of the room....bowing down on one knee, his head hanging down in a sign of obedience. Nightmare chuckles under his breath and stands over Hansen once again.

So....your will is stronger than I thought. Excellent! Do you offer yourself completely to us now?

Hansen slowly nods in response....

Do you vow to serve your new masters with every last fiber of your being....ceasing only upon completion of your tasks, or death?

Hansen looks up slowly through his long hair covering his face. He swipes it away to reveal his eyes have turned as orange as the flames of Hell. His soul long dead and broken, now replaced with a profound demonic influence. Hansen's voice now a low gravely tone responds, Yeeessssss, we do! WE serve only our masters now! Ask of us, and you shall....receive...Lord Nightmare...Lord Death.....sister Angel. We belong to you now and forever. We are a minion of the darkness. We exist only to serve you now!

Nightmare smiles through his face mask, now knowing this transformation is complete. He places his hand upon the man's head and proclaims...

Yes...a fitting name. Very well....


The creature now known as Minion stumbles up to his feet as Death and Angel come over to join Nightmare and all three of them celebrate Minion's rebirth as the newest member of their clan!

Matches: 47
Record: 27-20-0
Win Pct: 1%
Streak: 1
Level: 7