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Hometown: The Other Side of Darkness
Height: 5ft - 6in
Weight: 125 pounds
Age: 33
Entrance Music: "Looks That Kill" - Motley Crue
Crowd Reaction: CHEER
Days Active: 2256


Angel (real name: Rachel Donahue), was introduced as a member of Darkside in 2001. She was used mainly as a valet, but was so prone to lashing out and causing bodily harm, Darkside allowed her to enter the active roster and compete on their behalf. She is a multiple-time title holder in other wrestling companies, and now....she has arrived along with her fellow Darkside brethren to wreak havoc upon the souls of MAWL.

Angel first caught the attention of Nightmare and Death while working as a stripper in south Florida. She had something that made her stand out among the other girls...a certain tendency to do things that were a bit more outlandish and often disturbing while she was on stage. Naturally, this amused Darkside immensely. The young woman became a favorite of theirs and Darkside would often stay in town for days on end when their schedule brought them to the area. Nightmare and Death would patronize the local club where Angel worked almost every night....and soon, their thoughts drifted to think about her and toward the consideration of a fate much more sinister that may have awaited her...with the intervention of Darkside's influence. There was darkness inside her....and they wanted to help bring it out!

One evening, late into the wee hours....Angel had performed her finale just minutes before the club was being locked up for the night. She had spent most of the night playing to the two men she knew only as local guys who were big fans of her who tipped extremely well. She worked her magic on them and earned one of her biggest pay-offs to date....nearly $600 for an hour or two of showing her assets to the right people! She left the club that night and started walking down the block to the place she had set up. She had a spring in her step that she hadn't felt in many months. With her place just at the end of the block, she barely noticed the figure lurking up behind her. Suddenly, a black hood was forced over her head and she screamed in pain and shock as a needle was jabbed into her neck. The serum now in her bloodstream, she collapsed to the sidewalk......

Many hours later, she woke up in what looked and smelled like a musty old basement. She was inside some sort of cell with a large barred door on the front wall. She was not chained and was free to move around. As her sight became more clear, she realized she was surrounded by the limp bodies of at least three other girls. There was a box on the far wall with a red intercom. As she looked at it, wondering where the other end of it could be, a deep voice boomed through the speaker. It told her that she was there of her own free will and so were the others in the cell. As the loud voice echoed through the room, it caused the other girls to suddenly stir and begin to wake up. The voice then explained that there could be only one person who will walk out of that cell...the rest would be left for dead. Angel soon found herself facing off against the three other women in a battle to the death. Maybe it could have been the lingering effects of the drugs or maybe just her strong will to survive, but Angel dispatched all three of the others like they were nothing. Her athletic dancer's body gave her an advantage. When the battle had ended, the voice came back over the intercom, congratulating Angel on her desire to survive. It seemed almost to be coaching her on tapping into the rage and darkness in her heart. This was something she seemed to dismiss at first, but as time went on....for the next few months, more victims were fed to her in that cell and every time, SHE stood over their lifeless, bloody bodies. She began to thirst for the taste of her enemy's blood. She became accustomed and conditioned to combat and the feeling of a life leaving someone's body in her clutches. It was such a rush. Very seldom did she fail in her task, but if she did not show progress or maybe showed some degree of weakness in her battles, she was shackled with her arms over her head, blindfolded and brutally punished by an unseen assailant. Failure was NEVER an option. Angel soon grew to seek victory by any means necessary...often with very messy results, and to the great approval of the voice that spoke to her from the intercom. She succumbed to the evil in her nature as it made itself more and more prominent in her actions. The darkness possessed her and consumed her entirely. Her mind, body and soul were corrupted beyond repair. Her eyes faded to a stark white, a final sign that her soul was lost forever.

Rachel Donahue was no more.....she took on her new identity from a name the voice had once mentioned in reference to her. She was now......ANGEL.

Months passed and countless trials later, Angel was lying on her back in the cell, spent and gasping for breath after yet another attack from multiple foes. The same dark cloaked figure came into the cell and hauled the beaten bodies out to be disposed of, but as Angel leaned up on her elbows, she noticed two other much larger figures waiting in the shadows of the vast dungeon she was being held in. It was Nightmare and Death! Once they both walked out from the darkness, Angel immediately sat up, recognizing them both from the club. She asked them why they were doing this to her, and they spent the next couple of hours sitting with her in the cell. They brought her a fresh outfit to change into, allowed her to bathe and clean the dried blood from under her fingernails. Upon her return, Nightmare and Death explained to her exactly what their purpose was and that she had exceeded their expectations! They walked with her out of the cell and took her up a long flight of stairs......

When they opened the door, Angel's eyes became as wide as dinner plates as she looked upon a lavishly decorated entry way that lead out into the main hall of what seemed like some kind of mansion. It was like walking out of the pits of Hell and into Satan's penthouse. She marvelled at the opulence of her surroundings, the lights...the sounds....the loud metal blasting from every direction. It was her dream come true.

A long time had lapsed since she first found herself in that dungeon and Nightmare could tell that she still somehow wondered if anyone was still looking for her. He took her aside and ensured her that nobody ever came looking for her. She slowly began to see the truth in his words. She was living on the streets, selling her body to barely have enough money to put food in her gut. Nobody would care if she was dead if no one ever cared that she was alive to begin with. Nightmare and Death escorted her down a long hallway and a single tear fell from her eye as they swung open a large, elaborately decorated iron door and brought Angel into a new chamber in the large house. Nightmare pulled Angel close to him and told her that this was "her room". Decked out wth everything she held dear, from death metal band merchandise to an electric guitar....arcade games, a large dance floor and a king-size wrought iron framed bed with black and purple silk sheets....she felt like she had died and gone to Heaven, even though it looked more like Hell. She instantly loved all of it and she looked back at Nightmare and Death, her mouth still hanging wide open in awe. Nightmare reached out and took her hand. He scooped her up in his arms and spoke softly as he and Death then reassured her..... WE are your family now!

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