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MAWL Championship Titles
MAWL has a variety of championships to match many interests.

MAWL Championship
This is the premeire championship to hold in MAWL. Only the best of the best have worn this belt and it will be a long, hard road for anyone making their way to this level. The MAWL Championship is defended every MAWL Signature event.

MAWL Tag Team Championship
The classic two-man team championship is always a staple in professional wrestling. The MAWL Tag Team Championship is defended whenever there is viable interest.

Apex Championship
The Lightweight Championship has been renamed the Apex Championship. Competitors for this title must weigh 239 pounds or under. The Apex Championship is defended every MAWL Signature event.

X-League Championship
This championship has a long-standing hardcore heritage within MAWL. Currently, the title has a unique defense and match structure. The championship is up for defense during any MAWL event, anywhere, at any time. Any challenger can acquire a MAWL referee and attack the title-holder during any MAWL event. If the current X-League Champion cannot compete during an event for any reason, they will be stripped of the title. MAWL Signature events will feature an X-League Championship match with multiple competitors.

Internet Championship
The Internet Championship will be returning this year, but with a little added flare. This title will only be defended in matches that are broadcast on the MAWL TV YouTube channel. The matches will mostly air the day or morning before a MAWL Signature Event. Wrestlers must opt-in to be part of this title hunt, by clicking a checkbox under the Edit Wrestler function in Wrestler Management (just like the X-League title). Challengers for the belt will be determined by all qualified participants who do not have a scheduled match in the Signature Event or corresponding event. Fatigue will be given for Internet Championship matches, so be mindful of other title contentions your wrestler may be qualified for.
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