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Official MAWL Rules
What is MAWL? (Mid-American Wrestling League)
Joining MAWL
a. First, you must register an account on the MAWL website. You can do this by clicking the "JOIN NOW" link on the home page, or by clicking the "Wrestler Management" link on the website. The username and password you create will be the login you use for just Wrestler Management area. Only one account is allowed per person. We regularly check IP addresses, if you are caught using more than one account, both accounts will be terminated.

If you want to participate in the MAWL community and interact with other members, you must create an account on the MAWL forums also. Click the "Forums" link on the MAWL website to view the forums. For now, the Wrestler Management login and forums login are seperate, but this will be condensed into one login soon.

b. After you have registered, you must login to your Wrestler Management area from the MAWL website. On the screen you will see a button with the option to Create New Wrestler. When you click this button, it will take you to a form that you must fill out entirely to create your characters on MAWL. Members are allowed to create a total of three (3) wrestlers.

***** DISCLAIMER: By submitting picture of your wrestlers to MAWL you are allowing them to be used in all forms of MAWL media, such as pictures and video. *****
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