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Official MAWL Rules
What is MAWL? (Mid-American Wrestling League)
Joining MAWL
Participation Requirements
Forum Guidelines
a. Please limit your use of profanity on the forums. We want MAWL to be enjoyable for everyone. Excessive profanity or complaints about profanity may result in disciplinary action.

b. Please do not use images of nude (or near-nude) people and other images that may be deemed as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in your forum signatures and avatars. Most of us are adults with real jobs who may browse the forum at work from time to time and we don't want to get dirty looks from our co-workers.

c. Please keep harassment down to a minimum. If you make a stupid comment in a post, you should expect to get flammed, but let's keep it down so no one's feelings get hurt. Excessive harassment or flamming may result in disciplinary action.

d. The most important rule of all is: MAWL is just a game and a hobby for every one of our members. Have fun and make use of different means of communication to make some friends. But most of all... HAVE FUN.
MAWL Management
Wrestler Management
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