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The Edit Wrestler/Manager function is where you can make changes to the general information about your characters.

This function is similar to the Create Wrestler function in that you will see the same form as you did when creating your characters. Certain items like Name, Birthday, etc. would not make sense if changed and the form will not allow you to change them.

Wrestler edits can only be made once every 14 days. This is done to help reduce "cheating" the system. Be sure you have everything filled out correctly, because once the Edit Wrestler button is clicked, you must wait 14 days before making any other changes. This does not include Attributes, Movesets, etc. Those functions are changed separately.

There is another restriction in place when editing your wrestler. When changing your wrestler's weight, you can only do so in increments of 10 pounds. This prevents wrestlers from jumping through weight classes too quickly.
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