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Official MAWL Rules
Wrestler Management
Create Wrestler/Manager
The Create Wrestler and Create Manager functions is where you will create your characters in the MAWL game.

After clicking the button you will be taken to a form that you must fill out to enter a wrestler into MAWL. The form asks you to enter general information about your wrestler. The information you enter into this form has no effect on the simulation of matches. It is here for other players to view to assist in roleplaying.

You may upload an image of your characters using this form that will appear on the MAWL roster page. Please do not upload obscene material. It will be removed an disciplinary action may be taken.

Each member of MAWL is allowed to create 3 wrestler and 1 manager. Women are definitely allowed, but be forewarned that they will face females and males in matches. Managers will not fight in matches. They accompany wrestlers to ringside to provide a boost to stats.
Renew Contract
Edit Wrestler/Manager
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Tag Team Functions
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