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Tag Team Functions
The Clients function lets you invite wrestlers to become clients of your manager. A manager will accompany their clients to the ring during matches and provide some benefits, and possibly detriments, during a match.

A manager's Attributes provide a boost to their client's Attributes. This increases the overall power of the wrestler during a match.

The manager can also cause some interference on behalf of their clients during a match. The first time the referee catches the manager doing something they shouldn't be doing, they will get a warning. The second offense will get the manager ejected from ringside. If the manager is caught doing something against the rules of the match, it is an immediate disqualification for her client.

If your wrestler has the Clients icon with an envelope on their toolbar, it means they have been invited to become a client of a manager. Clicking that icon will take you to a form where you can accept or decline the invitation.
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