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Out with the old
by Jason Stratman
Feb 12, 2012 11:10am
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I have turned off the old message board we've been using since 2003 and have turned on the new message board that I have created. It is not in a completely finished state, but I was getting sick of swatting spammers on the phpBB board. I will be continously making improvements (as with everything here) as time goes on.

Your Wrestler Management login is now the only login you will need on the entire MAWL website. The new forums work pretty much the same way as the old. The major change you will notice is a new box to enter your posts. There is no more BB Code tags, such as [b][/b]. You will be able to click the buttons along the top of the box to change the formatting of your text, just like any word processing software, and see the changes in the box.

Private messaging is now located near the top of the site, under the menu. When you log in, your username will become a link. When you clikc on your username your will be taken to your Member Control Panel where you can edit your account information and view/send private messages. For now, you will have to type the username of the person you want to send a private message to. This will be upgraded to mouse clicks in the future.

If anyone has questions about the new stuff, you can post a comment in this article, post a question on the message board, or send me a PM. Or, you know, contact me any other way you know how.

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