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Experience Points change and Disqualification arrives
by Jason Stratman
Apr 2, 2012 12:52am
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Two big changes have hit MAWL today. First, the changes to Experience Points and leveling that I announced a few days ago, also the first of many rule additions (Disqualification) will begin with tonight's Monday Night Mayhem. Make sure you check your Attributes, Movesets and Strategies because things are about to get interesting.

The new exponential increase in Experience Points needed to increase your wreslter's level was implemented a few hours ago. With the new settings there were 9 wrestlers that jumped a level and earned Attribute Points along with it. So, make sure you check your Wrestler Management area before Monday evening to see if any of your wrestlers were among those 9.

Mayhem tonight will introduce the stardard wrestling rules in MAWL, namely no weapons allowed. The movesets have been modified to show which moves could result in disqualification with *DQ* after them. Also, the Rules setting in your wrestler's Strategy will start to come into play. When this setting is low there will be less chance of a DQ move, whereas the higher the setting the higher the chance. Of course, in No Disqualification matches, the use of weapons is not restricted so wrestlers will use them openly during those matches. You might want to play with your moveset selections and strategy settings before Monday evening to reduce your chance of DQ.

X-League matches will start next weekend at Saturday Slaughterhouse for those wrestlers who have selected to compete in that division. There may have been an error on my part that wiped out the X-League Division selection of a few wrestlers. Check your Division selections and make sure X-League is checked if you wish to compete.

Have fun and good luck everyone!

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