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Experience Points Change
by Jason Stratman
Mar 28, 2012 10:53pm
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MAWL will be changing the amount of experience points required to increase a wrestler's level. Currently, each level has a fixed amount of points to reach the next level. This will be changing to an exponential increase to reach the next level. So, lower-level wrestlers will need to earn less points between levels than higher-level wrestlers. This is being done to help lower-level beginning wrestlers hopefully catch up faster to compete with wrestlers at higher levels. This change will take place after MAWL Madness and most likely before next Monday's Mayhem. After the change is implemented I will be watching the amount of experience points earned in matches and will make tweaks to the amount of points distributed.

Just as an update to other plans for MAWL, match rules will not be implemented before MAWL Madness, but will definately be ready for the next Signature Event. So, the X-League Championship is still scheduled to return at MAWL Showdown. After the implementation of disqualification rules I am going to work on cleaning up the match write-ups to make them more interesting to read. Also, I will be adding functionality for special match types like Elimination, Iron Man, Ladder, etc.

As always, I will keep everyone up to date on the improvements to MAWL on the Announcements blog and the Forums.

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